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About Gary Smith

Gary Smith is a South African artist and writer.He is the author of numerous articles on online technology and social media. Join Gary on Google Plus

Imaginet news and new products

The year so far has proved to be a good one for Imaginet clients, having launched a number of new products and features to make your internet experience easier and more exceptional than ever. But can it get even better? We definitely think so - and that's why, as the world moves towards more fibre [...]

10 Important SEO Trends In 2019

Here is a useful infographic outlining some of the most important SEO trends that affect your website marketing in 2019. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of online website promotion and presencing. Without good SEO, your website and pages have very little chance of being seen; nevermind attracting visitors and interaction. To [...]

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Imaginet has launched a brand NEW Uncapped Fibre service

Imaginet has launched a brand NEW Uncapped Combo Fibre service. These are now Unshaped and Unthrottled without any Thresholds. Ultra-fast, Fibre Internet  as it's meant to be! You cannot miss out on this opportunity as the promotion was launched on July 18.  The first month is free too. Perfect product for home users, gamers and [...]

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The pros and cons of social media-infographic

Social media is not one uniform entity- each social network has different positive as well as negative aspects- depending on your specific interactive and marketing requirements. For example, while Facebook may be your favorite network to share information and relate to friends and clients, yet privacy issues are problematic on this network. Pinterest is excellent [...]

Why you need to SEO your website

Why do you need to SEO your site? The answer is very simple- without search engine optimization your site may never be seen and remain buried under the mountains of websites created everyday. The following infographic outlines the main points about SEO optimization and its necessity.  SEO is in fact a combination of various technical [...]

Some very important statistics for Social Media 2019

Stats are great - in that they provide insight into patterns of behavior that may not be obvious and which allow us to predict trends. This is certainly the case with this great bit of information from HootSuite. Besides the rather obvious  fact that social media is becoming more and more important as a marketing [...]

Why visual content is so important

Visual content on your website and on social networks is becoming more and more important as a marketing and SEO tool. Here are some marketing stats relating to the importance of visual content that might amaze you. For example, Facebook users watch  8  billion videos each day - thats some marketing exposure! Coupled this with the [...]

Voice search and why it is becoming so important

The importance of voice search strategy for your website lies in the fact that more and more people are using voice search over their mobile devices to find info and products on the web. This is a new pivotal factor that is emphasized by experts like Neil Patel, who explains,” It has gained mileage because [...]

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Why social media is so important for your business

There are still many people who do not realize the importance of social media as a selling and marketing tool for your online business. The following infographic neatly  summarizes some of the most significant advantages of social media for your business. Among these is the fact that through regular social media interaction more people become [...]

Get your LTE connection now – fast and easy setup

Here is a brief overview of our latest LTE products. These include Cell C and Telkom LTE. LTE is extremely fast and Imaginet has ensured that it is quick and easy to set up. This is the ultimate solution for those who don't have access to ADSL or Fibre.  Save on costs as No landline needed! Visit our Site [...]

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