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About Gary Smith

Gary Smith is a South African artist and writer.He is the author of numerous articles on online technology and social media. Join Gary on Google Plus

What are the most important SEO aspects for your web page?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of your website marketing strategy. In order for your website to be seen and for visits to increase to your site, you need to, make sure that the basic SEO essentials are taken care of. These refer to the central aspects that the search engines like Google [...]

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Just launched ! Telkom Mobile.

Just launched ! Telkom Mobile. See our offerings Mobile Telkom data keeps you connected on the go!  It's easy to load and as long as you are in an area with data coverage - which is just about anywhere in South Africa - with NO contract, With Telkom mobile data You can work from home, [...]

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Confusion on just what connection is your best internet choice ?

Confusion on just what connection is your best internet choice? There are so many options for internet access these days that it is hard to decide and ensure the best value for money. We have split the categories into sections to give you a fair run down to show clients what is out there and what [...]

Special domain name offer from Imaginet!!!!

From February 1st, Imaginet will sell two popular domain types for only R49 ! Our .africa and .city domains will be on a special for the month. More information closer to the date. Watch this space.  

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The importance of content length in SEO

The main element these days in SEO and in marketing your website to the search engines lies with the quality of your content. Content length however is a contentious area of debate - is more or longer content better for SEO than short and more concise text and content? The following infographic explores this issue and looks at the pros and cons [...]

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How information travels from computers to data centers

Here is a great infographic that explains clearly how information  travels from your computer to various data centers. It also explains the idea of how your computer links to your Internet service provider and to the Internet backbone; as well as explaining the importance of your IP protocol: as well as a wealth of interesting [...]

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Imaginet’s new Hosting Control Panel and other improvements

While you've been enjoying the festive season, we've been hard at work on some new, highly anticipated features to ensure that we start the year off with a bang. We are now ready to launch our all NEW HOSTING CONTROL PANEL which is packed with functionality which allows you to make the most out of [...]

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The advantages of LTE Advanced

LTE stands for  “Long-Term Evolution” and is offered as wireless broadband connectivity with mobility. As one pundit summarizes, the main advantages of of LTE is that"... it relies on broadcasting towers, not cable, meaning a cable doesn’t need to be installed in the ground over the ‘last mile’ to your home or business. That makes [...]

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We are adding Cell C to the range of wireless connections.

We are adding Cell C to the range of wireless connections. LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage. Imaginet now also offers Cell C LTE-A . See  our products now!!! Wireless Connections are the ultimate solution for those [...]

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Create your own mobile website in minutes

Imaginet has launched a brand new site creator. Take it for a test drive... Our new Website creator offers a host of possibilities for easy and effective website creation. access to 200 categorized templates that enable you to build an attractive and effective website in minutes. mobile friendly - design a site for tablets or [...]

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