Here is a  good overview of some of the trends in social media that will help you plan and execute your marketing campaign more effectively.

Tiktok and other video platforms are showing incremental growth, and these are areas that one should be looking out for as marketing avenues. Additionally, influencers in social media are becoming more critical as conduits of visibility, and one can boost your online visibility by working with or collaborating with social media influencers.

Creative content is possibly the most crucial factor to consider as a determining factor in online marketing today. It is obvious that as social media grows in size, so the content and the quality of that content becomes a vital factor in determining your follower growth—the more innovative and exciting the content, the better.  As one expert notes, quality content “ Establishes your expertise”. It makes  “ the best in your field? Why should someone choose you over a competitor? Show off your wisdom!” (

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