Social media and digital marketing are becoming the prime way to promote your business and website in today’s highly competitive environment. However, as the infographic below shows, the marketer should take cognizance and focus on several trends to remain in tune with these complex marketing trends.

Content is the key

Content is central to modern marketing and SEO success. But what do we mean by content? This does not refer to only interesting and informative information – it has developed a much deeper and contextual meaning in terms of marketing. The advent of AI has meant that content must be more precise in terms of client and customer needs and carefully crafted to reflect the context and requirements of the targeted market.  The human element in marketing has become even more critical than before. The awareness of the needs and various other aspects of the client’s reality structure, culture, and lifer-world are essential to create content that drives marketing success. It is not enough merely to produce ‘good’ content. Content must be crafted to ensure human interaction and generate the responses that are desired in terms of communication and engagement.

Graphics and Podcasts

Other trends are well known but which are becoming more important. One of them is the use of graphics and images as part of the content strategy. In line with this is more emphasis on blogging, podcast, and infographics to increase your profile and engagement in your products and service.  The  interest in podcasts has increased during the past year.