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About Dianne Miller

Dianne MIller is the CEO of Imaginet. She has also had several years of experience as a Journalist and lecturer. Join Dianne on Google Plus at

What you should know …Fibre line promotion at Imaginet!!!

Unlike the traditional copper lines, fibre cables are designed to push large amounts of data using cutting edge physics. Now get into the future with Fibre from Imaginet. As a special promotion We are waiving the connection fee of R2500 until the end of March, click here ...   Fibre cable that will run directly to [...]

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What is hosting?

So what exactly is meant by 'hosting'? Businesses offering web hosting or a web host service, provide you with the technology for a website or webpages to be viewed via the internet. The websites you develop are stored on specially developed and prepared computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all [...]

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New promotional surprises at Imaginet

  Imaginet continues to surprise with new promotional  offerings for 2017  It's a brand new year and Imaginet has some wonderful offerings coming to our clients in 2017.  We are entering our 20th year in the industry and growing and improving with the changing market. We hope to be able to keep you moving along [...]

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How social media is changing the way we find news

There is little doubt that the way we find and search for news has changed dramatically and is continuing to morph and develop. A central factor is that the new and more effective  way to find breaking news is through the use of social media platforms  like Facebook and Twitter. A number of recent reports point [...]

The most important SEO trends for 2017

SEO or search engine optimization and marketing is becoming more complex and important each year. There are many new developments in this field that the website promoter and marketer should be aware of. Here is a list of some of the most important of these new developments in terms of what you should be looking [...]

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Usefull guide to marketing with Instagram

Here is a useful starting guide on what to do to be successful on Instagram. These hints and tips will go a long way to making sure that you are seen and interact with others on this  increasingly popular social network. Some of the latest statistics indicate that there are 2.68 million Instagram users in [...]

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Imaginet Cloud Back Up|Back up your work for 2016 before going on holiday!

Back up your work for 2016 before going on holiday! Give yourself peace of mind while you relax and enjoy your time off from work.   Imaginet Cloud Back Up Stratus Cloud Back up for Clients! With Imaginet Cloud backup you can host all your important information where it is safe, secure and readily available [...]

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Why social media has become more important for SEO and marketing

Why social media has become more important for SEO and marketing There is little doubt now that social media forms an integral part of search engine optimization and that the search engines definitely take account of social media interaction in their evaluation of your website. Previously many questioned the role of social media in SEO, [...]

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Dont miss out!!! One week to go on our amazing domain, hosting and other offers!!!

Our promotional birthday month has come to an end. However, our ADSL prices remain low, watch our promo page for future promotions.  One week to go before the end of Imaginet's special offer month. We are not ony lowering lowering ADSL prices but also  offering huge reductions on domain names. Your " " domain [...]

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It’s our 19th Birthday!!!

It's our 19th Birthday and we have specials for all the loyal clients who have supported us for so many years ! Today, 19 years ago, we sent and received our first e-mail through the Imaginet servers. There was great celebration then and we are still growing and changing every year ! We are [...]

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