How important is website speed ?
By Dianne Miller
Website speed gives the first impression for a visitor of that website and business. The question is, “is this site professional and does it load evenly and with reasonable speed? “
Developers strive hard to make a website aesthetically pleasing and functional by adding numerous features, content, and functionalities. However, if these features or the content are not adequately optimized it may adversely affect website speed.
According to research, if a site takes more than 2 seconds to load, 47% of those looking for service or products will leave for another search. This is especially true for e-commerce sites, as it can cost them millions for every second delayed.
Speed plays a decisive role in how audiences perceive a brand on the web. It is a human tendency to consider a faster website more reliable and professional. Inversely, a slow website is mostly annoying and seems to be less promising regarding service delivery or reliability. Turning around that negative impression can be very challenging.

The most popular search engine, Google, has made it very clear that this contributes to SEO ranking for their organization. Google considers fast load speed as a positive ranking factor. It has been said too that website owners should not compromise on content quality or relevancy to make pages faster.
For businesses to succeed on the web, having a fast website is non-negotiable. A fast loading website delivers a good user experience and helps create a lasting positive impression among customers. Hence, optimizing page load speed is essential for every website developer and tester.
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