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WHY SEO is important for your business

Most website owners know that SEO is important in these days of intensely competitive marketing - and they are aware of the value of having your website visible online. However, there are many reasons for ensuring that you have good SEO for your site. The following infographic points out some of these critical factors. The [...]

Imaginet’s top 10 must have Smart Phones and Laptops – August 2020

Imaginet’s top 10 must have Smart Phones and Laptops – August 2020 by Matthew S. Bruce-Smith Selecting a new cellphone or laptop isn’t as easy as it used to be; now you need to consider various options ranging from “Why” you want it; “Where” you want to use it and for “What”.  So many options [...]

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Important news from Imaginet

Dear Client, With lockdown officially underway, we wanted to let all of our clients know that business at Imaginet will continue largely as normal. One of the most important things for us during this trying time is to make sure that our staff stay healthy, and our clients stay happy. To accomplish both, we've set up [...]

Infographic: Content trends for social media in 2020

The issue of content in social media, as well as for SEO, has become paramount in today's online world. Content has become more vital because it is mostly content and information that attracts and maintains attention and that draws visitors to your site. In fact, the central aspect that is dominant in contemporary SEO is [...]

Fixed LTE – amazing offer from Imaginet

Get the best home and business Fixed LTE deals in South Africa right here !!! LTE is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage. Imaginet now offers both MTN and Telkom Fixed LTE. 30 GB + 30GB for only [...]

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Confused by SEO? Here are some basic tips

 If you are confused by the complexity of SEO, here are a few basic SEO factors that you can easily change on your website! The field of SEO is continually expanding and morphing. It can be VERY  confusing but you can start with a few basic yet essential changes to your website that will go [...]

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Amazing limited LTE offer from Imaginet

Special Promotional offer while stocks last. Check out our amazing prices.  Not only do you get incredible prices, but this LTE offer includes a free modem for Telkom LTE combos !! So don's miss out  out on this Telkom fixed combo deal   - get it here!!!!   LTE is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed [...]

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The shift to mobile SEO

SEO is always changing. However, the most significant change continues to be the shift toward mobile. This is somewhat obvious. The increase in the availability and cost of smart phones and devices has meant that more and more people are doing just about everything online via their phones, phablets, and tablets. I write and work [...]

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Our Capped Adsl has three month roll over for any data not used!!!

Did you know that not only do we provide fantastic data prices for our Uncapped DSL packages but our unshaped offering also has a three month roll over for any data not used.  This means that you are are getting the full value of your spend. This is a safe option so you don't pay [...]

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Using SEO to optimize your new website.

Here is yet another infographic on the importance of various SEO facets in modern marketing. However, this is one of the most comprehensive infographics on this subject that we have come across. It mentions several very important points when it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines. The fact that content is so [...]

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