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Dianne MIller is the CEO of Imaginet. She has also had several years of experience as a Journalist and lecturer. Join Dianne on Google Plus at

Imaginet celebrates 19 years in October – new prices, products!

This October Imaginet  will be celebrating 19 years in business and we are still bringing the latest connectivity to our clients as we roll out new prices and products. Imaginet has revisted our ADSL pricing and daily are making changes to suit your needs and your pocket ! Please check out some of our products [...]

Dramatic ADSl price reductions at Imaginet!!!

Dramatic  ADSl price reductions at Imaginet!!! Imaginet has made a number of far-reaching cuts to their ADSl bundles in order to facilitate your online access and bring it in line with today's broadband expectations. The Basic Home  Uncapped DSL bundle is now available at supper low prices - have a look at and see [...]

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New amazing Basic Home Uncapped ADSL prices from Imaginet

Have a look at our new Amazing Prices  for basic home uncapped data at Imaginet. Go to and see for yourself. At Imaginet, the Internet has become such an important part of our daily lives we can’t imagine being without it! We don’t want to imagine you without it either, so our Basic Home Uncapped ADSL [...]

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What has good writing to do with attracting more visitors to your site?

So, what has good writing to do with attracting more visitors to your site and increasing your search engine ranking? The answer is very simple: good, compelling and well thought out content on a site attracts more attention and adds value to the site from a search engine point of view. The reason  is that [...]

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The state of social media marketing South Africa

Social media marketing is becoming an extremely important factor in marketing in South Africa. The reason for this lies in an examination of social media statistics and figures which reveals that : In 2010 there were more than 5 million internet users in the country. The numbers of Internet used have shown an exponential growth [...]

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Why SEO should be holistic

The nature of search engine optimization is in the process of changing radically.   In the past finding the best keywords and adding these to your code and content was seen to the main aim of the SEO process. This has all changed with changes in search engine algorithms and the way that search engines [...]

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South African hosted servers and support is at your fingertips

South African hosted servers and support is at your fingertips. You can set it up to automatically backup your new data off-site on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Host all your important information where it is safe, secure and readily available any time you need it. As companies develop and deal with an [...]

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looking for web developer

We are Looking for Web developer to increase website mobility. We are looking for an expert to convert our site to a more mobile friendly format - this would involve simple pages with content and tables with buy now buttons which go back to our billing system. We must be able to use this mobile [...]

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Why a social media calendar is important

previously published on imagi-nation Maintaining a social media calendar helps to organize site content more effectively. As the infographic  below points  out, social media, when correctly administered,  can produce dramatic results to the number new visitors and purchases for your site. Creating and curating content for your blog and for social media is one of the most effective marketing [...]

Getting mobile data the easy way – presentation

Imaginet is offering one of the most accessible and easy ways of getting mobile data for your tablet or other devices. We offer courier delivery of your pre-configured sim and also the easy addition of data with no contract. Have a look at the presentation below to see what it is all about. ( use [...]

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