Although some marketers like to credit the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic as the main reason why businesses are moving online, the truth is that companies have slowly been making the move towards selling and marketing via the web for years.

What the COVID pandemic has without a doubt done is accelerate the move, withthose who suddenly saw business grinding to a halt realising that their best back up plan would be to create a visible digital presence.

When you are looking to build the kind of company that is prepared for any kind of economic shake up, having a website is the most effective step you could possibly take. Not only is your market already using the web to find products and services, much like those you are selling, but now, with what has happened, your market is in a better position to support your company.

As a savvy business owner, or artist for that matter, putting your storefront in the virtual world is actually a lot easier than you could imagine. While the website design industry sounds incredibly complicated and full of tech savvy terminology that might end up confusing you, when you decide to work with a web design company, navigating this world is a lot easier than you’d think.

Now vs. Then

The way that people use the web to buy products and services has completely changed in the last year. And this change can be seen in the recent data released by Google, which reflectsthese new trends among South African consumers:

  1. Increased Online Buying

Online purchasing has exploded, and the industries that have shown the biggest growth include consumer electronics, gardening, home and fashion. Some industries have seen an increase of up to 70% and it is a trend that is not going to be limited to the lockdown era. Consumers who shop online are expected to continue to do so long after the lockdowns are completely lifted.

  1. Decision Making Gone Virtual

Along with making more purchases online, many consumers are also leaving much of their decision making for the online world. What this means is people are doing more research to find what they are looking viausing the web. They no longer just rely on conventional advertising, they go in search for what they need. Naturally, if your company is not online, these people will never find you.

  1. Apps

App downloads in South Africa increased by 5% in the last year. And buying via an app has increased to 58% in 2020 from 38% in the previous year. Apps are not only used for buying, but also for entertainment and research purposes.

  1. Trying Something New

With the rise of online research, customer loyalty is becoming a bit of a thing of the past. Consumers are being introduced to new brands constantly while they explore their options, and this is making them keen on trying out the new brands that they discover.

  1. Ethical Brands

It is no longer just about what you are selling. Customers these days want to know that the company they support are in touch with social issues and that they are sustainable in terms of the business they do. When creating an online presence it is important to include such things in your content so that consumers get to know more about you without having to research further.

Types of Websites

If you are only just entering the online world now, you are entering it at a great time. These days, you can find various types of websites which can help you to narrow down your options until you have the style that suits your company and your overall goal. Web design and development knows no boundaries when you choose a web development company that is experienced and talented.

Want to list products? You need an e-commerce site. Want to tell your story or share your hobby? You need a blog. Want to promote your company? You need a business site.


Working with a web development company will guarantee that you get the company website design that you need and to help you get started, here are some things you need to know about the different types of websites.

  1. E-Commerce

An e-commerce website is an online shop. Its pages will be filled with products rather than be overloaded with content, and it will give those who are visiting your website the opportunity to buy the product via site and it can also allow your customers to organise their delivery preference. With an e-commerce website, you don’t need a physical shop. The web development industry gets really creative with these kinds of sites, which leaves you with plenty of great options.

  1. Business Website

If you are simply wanting to raise the exposure of your company, this is the site for you. Business websites are used as platforms for online advertising. They give the reader the information they need to make an informed decision about whether or not they should buy what you are selling. They also give the consumer a way to contact you. All website designers can create these kinds of sites and website design in South Africa is primarily built on business websites.

  1. Blog

A blog site is made for the influencer, the hobby enthusiast, or the person who wants to share their life with the world. It is generally quite a personal space and is designed to look almost like a magazine. Although these sites are often made using free website builders, if you are serious about your blog, hiring a web development company or independent website designer to do this for you will yield better results.

  1. Media Website

This one is made for newspapers and magazines of all shapes, sizes and industries. Along with the printed version of the newspaper or magazine, this website makes it easy for readers to access and share what you post. The clean layout of these websites make it easier for website designers to quickly put these sites together.

  1. Non-Profit Website

The non-profit site is naturally made for the non-profit organisation and it serves to encourage people to support it by making donations and by getting involved. It can also be used to raise awareness about an issue.

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