Web design trends are evolving rapidly in line with the latest technologies and with a new web aesthetic that demands clear, more functional websites.

these are a few of the central trends for 2020 that are becoming essential aspects of contemporary web design.

Central to design  and aesthetics is minimalism.

The cardinal factor here is that many people view the web on phones and portable devices, which have a much smaller screen area- this means that complex and convoluted sites will be difficult to view and will be avoided by the majority of mobile users. There is also a need for clarity and simplicity in design that makes the intention,aim and the information on the site easy and quick to read and assimilate. This is also a factor that search engines are taking into account of when ascertaining the ranking of a site.

page speed and mobile friendly

Page speed has evolved as a factor that has become increasingly important in SEO as well as in the general viewing experience. Pages that are slow to load will be quickly dismissed in the modern, fast-paced online world. This is the reason why Google and other search engines are emphasizing page loading speed as one of the elements in determining how a page should rank. Of course, your entire site should be completely mobile friendly with the majority of users exploring the web via mobile devices. In order to ascertain if your website is mobile friendly, go to https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

single menu sites and long pages

Single menu sites are more practical and less obtrusive in today’s over-heated environment. Long pages have also become popular, as they allow for a greater amount of information and copy that does not require the viewer to click away from the site. However, single page sites have a downside in that they restrict SEO optimization. SEO requires that each page should deal clearly with a single topic or subject in order to garner the best search engine ranking. In other words, a balance has to be achieved between between long pages and linking additional pages that can lend SEO focus to the website, for search engine indexing purposes.  See the infographic  below for more details.



This infographic contains quotes from 18 web design companies in the Toronto area. The information and graphics were collected by Digital Ducats Inc. to reflect an accurate assessment of the design trends that companies are adopting in 2020

source:  https://digitalducats.com/web-design-trends-2020/