How to generate leads and improve your sales using your website.

Plus 10 helpful tips you can use on your website immediately


Your website has the power to become the biggest sales tool at your disposal. But if it is not built correctly or if you are not harnessing its full potential, your website could just become a bit of a waste of an investment.

Whether you are starting out with digital marketing or if you are looking for new and improved ways to make the most of the site you have, there are so many ways that you can both generate new leads and improve your overall sales using just your digital presence.

First things first, what are leads?

In the world of online marketing, we refer to leads as any enquiries that come from your website. These enquiries could come via the website’s contact forms or the contact page, or they could be emails and phone calls, the details of which the website visitors have taken from the site.

Websites are made for generating leadsbut they are only good at doing this if the site is setup the right way and if you are dedicating a certain amount of your marketing budget to improve the visibility of your business online.

It should be said that while the website can bring in the leads, it is still partly up to you to make sure that the clients who contact you are given the best possible service so that they do actually support your company.

As you can see, leads matter. And yet still there are many companies that are not utilising the power of their site to get more people to talk to them. That’s where these tips we are about to share are going to come in very handy.

Lead Expectations vs. Reality

The world of online marketing works at a certain pace. Sometimes you can get immediate results while at other times, you’ll get slower results but the effect of the marketing will last longer.

Paid for advertising gets faster results but only for as long as you are willing to pay out for it, while organically generated results are likely to take longer but will cost less and you will be able to experience the lead generating effects for an extended period of time.

  • Instant Results

Known as PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising, if you want to give your website that fast boost for immediate increased leads, this form of advertising is a good option. The service forms a part of Google AdWords Advertising and it will generally be managed by a marketing agency.

  • Medium Term Results

If you are keen on building on your lead generation over time and you are willing to wait a little while before you start seeing results, social media and blogging are both great options and each are really easy to manage. Social media allows you to reach a massive audience while blogging can help you to cement your reputation as an industry leader, and thus bring in those leads.

  • Long Term Results

Should you be in this for the long haul and you’d like to consistently receive leads via your website, SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the very best option. Although Search Engine Optimisation is called organic online marketing, it is not free. It is a specialised, paid for service that is actually, in the long run,more effective than most forms of online marketing.

If you really want to put your website in the best possible position to bring in leads, a combination of all three forms of digital marketing will serve you best.

10 tips that you can use right now to increase your website leads and generate sales

Aside from opting for the various paid for marketing methods, these are 10 sure fire ways to make your website work for you.

  1. Give your homepage some extra attention

Your homepage is generally your company’s online first impression for visitors. It needs to be laid out in such a way that it gives your potential clients all of the information they need, but in a quick, summarised layout so as not to overwhelm them. You should also make sure that you include a few of your most popular products on your home page.

  1. Capture Email Addresses

By offering your website visitors something valuable to download, like an eBook or a coupon, you can capture their email addresses (with their consent of course) and in future use this address list for your email marketing campaign.

  1. Create Quality Content

Run of the mill content is not going to inspire people to contact you. You need to write (or hire someone to write) for your specific target market, and both encourage and inform about why you should be the company they work with.

  1. Use upselling

By featuring your cheaper products alongside your more expensive ones, you can actually improve your sales by encouraging customers to go for the more expensive option, if it is not too far out of their price range. This is a technique used by countless big brands and it has been proven to work rather well.

  1. Ditch Sliders

Sliders are really attractive but they are a hindrance to potential clients, especially if they move too quickly and are too varied in terms of information. Have just one feature image or product on your headers, and leave the sliders.

  1. Show off your popular items or packages

Visually pointing out which package or product is a popular option will draw attention and it will also help your customer find the solution that will be best for them. As such this can encourage them to make contact or buy what it is you are selling.

  1. Make your contact information visible

Don’t make it difficult for your clients to contact you. Make your contact form, email address and phone number as visible as possible.

  1. Use Live Chat

There are many easy to use Live Chat plugins out there that you can install for free on your site. Live Chats can be connected to your email or they can be answered in real time, if you have a dedicated person to keep an eye on it.

  1. Don’t start with a sales pitch

Instead of immediately talking about how customers can buy from you, it is best to ease potential clients into the sales pitch. Clients want to hear why they should support you, they don’t just want to be greeted by “buy now!” text and images.

  1. Feature testimonials

It is so important these days to have other voices vouching for your products or services. So feature a few real testimonials. Sometimes, the great experiences that others have had with your company speak louder than anything you could say.

Should you need help improving your website so that you can enjoy more leads and sales, Imaginet can help you. We offer effective digital marketing solutions to companies of all kinds and we can assist you by creating the perfect online marketing strategy to grow your business.