Dear Client,

With lockdown officially underway, we wanted to let all of our clients know that business at Imaginet will continue largely as normal.

One of the most important things for us during this trying time is to make sure that our staff stay healthy, and our clients stay happy. To accomplish both, we’ve set up a system that allows our staff to work remotely so that any questions, queries and requests that you have can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Our contact details and operating hours will remain unchanged, and we will be making every effort to ensure that you receive the excellent service that you’ve come to expect from us, but will appreciate your patience should responses be slightly delayed.

We’re also pleased to announce that our couriers are still able to deliver during the lockdown, as our services are considered essential tools for communication and business operations. This means that we will still be able to provide new services, routers, and SIM cards wherever they are needed. This being said, due to roadblocks along all major routes, we do expect that delays may be experienced and appreciate your patience over this difficult period.

Finally, new requirements have been announced for all South African domain names, and all websites for domains ending in “.za” will need to display a visible link to Unfortunately, while we can help with providing access to hosting panels to make the necessary changes, we will not be able to add graphics, links or designs to the sites on behalf of our clients. You can find more information regarding the requirements in the Gazette where they were announced.

Wishing all of our clients health and strength over the  rest of the lockdown.

The Imaginet Team