The issue of content in social media, as well as for SEO, has become paramount in today’s online world.

Content has become more vital because it is mostly content and information that attracts and maintains attention and that draws visitors to your site. In fact, the central aspect that is dominant in contemporary SEO is the fact that Google and other search engines pay increasing attention to the content of a website- not only to avoid people playing the system with keyword stuffing but  also to ensure that the web searcher receives the best results in terms of the information that he or she is looking for. In other words, the search engines have become more and more effective in discerning which sites are of value  to the visitor and those that offer “thin” content or are just advertising sites.

As the infographic below indicates, location-specific content is becoming increasingly sought after. It is also becoming important to create content that is based not on what you think may be necessary, but rather on client or user behavior patterns- which can be understood from analyzing your website via Google Analytics, for example.

Another critical aspect of content is that it is not just text or image-based. Video content is one of the areas that is continuing to grow and is becoming more creative and effective e as a means of promoting your site and attracting visits.

Have a look at this infographic, which summarizes the leading social media trends for 2020.

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