If you are confused by the complexity of SEO, here are a few basic SEO factors that you can easily change on your website!

The field of SEO is continually expanding and morphing. It can be VERY  confusing but you can start with a few basic yet essential changes to your website that will go a long way to improving your search engine optimization.

The infographic below expands on six of the most common and important SEO factors that will make a difference to your website.

Keywords and phrases that relate to your website are very important. However,  it depends on how you use them in your text and in the meta tags on your site, that enable the search engines to index and evaluate your site more easily. Each page should be optimized or focus on one or two main  keywords. The use of keywords also applies to your meta description as this will be visible not only to the search engines but also to the viewer. It is vert important to make optimal use of the meta description.

Many website owners forget to insert ALT tags into their code. These are tags that provide an alternative text for images and can enhance your SEO.

Have a look a that the infographic below and make sure that your site adheres to these main factors in SEO.



( Source: https://www.school-of-digital-marketing.com/6-on-page-factors-for-seo/)