Why do you need to SEO your site?

The answer is very simple- without search engine optimization your site may never be seen and remain buried under the mountains of websites created everyday.

The following infographic outlines the main points about SEO optimization and its necessity.  SEO is in fact a combination of various technical criteria that the search engines require, as well as  online marketing expertise. It also requires sophisticated software to be monitored for changes. Without monitoring your site you will not be able to gauge whether the changes you have made are effective. There are over 260 SEO criteria ( at least) that a search engine like Google uses to rank a site online – and it is the job of SEO expert to make sure that your website meets these requirements and reaches the first page few Google search. Then of course there are optimization methods for the other large search engines, like Bing and Yahoo to consider.

You can of course learn all of these techniques and purchase the best software  – but an easier and less expensive route would be to make use of Imaginet’s SEO services ; which includes a full audit of your site as well as ongoing maintenance. Have a look at our SEO process and pricing at Imaginet as well as on ImaginetSEO

why you need seo