Stats are great – in that they provide insight into patterns of behavior that may not be obvious and which allow us to predict trends.

This is certainly the case with this great bit of information from HootSuite.

Besides the rather obvious  fact that social media is becoming more and more important as a marketing tool and for interaction with followers and clients. the use of social media is becoming more directed and specific- as is clear from the infographic below. There is an increasing need to produce content that is personalized for the client- this is seen as a challenge that should be met if social media is to more effective.

Another important result of this research is that almost half the respondents see a need for more direct interaction via the use of messaging apps. This is directly related to the increase in mobile usage and social media on phones and tablets and is seen by many as one of the most important developments that all Internet marketers should be aware of. Have a look at these results and see what predictions you can make  that will advance your website or business.