Confusion on just what connection is your best internet choice?

There are so many options for internet access these days that it is hard to decide and ensure the best value for money. We have split the categories into sections to give you a fair run down to show clients what is out there and what you can choose.

Fibre :

This is undoubtedly your fastest, most efficient and reliable connectivity. It is rolling out in the larger areas of the country but many towns and smaller cities are still waiting for the magical day. Fibre uses fibre-optic cables which are then installed in your home. They work by sending and receiving a light signal through the cables. Just like in the movies, this is then translated into binary codes or zeros and ones and in so doing the line has the ability and the capacity to work at the speed of light and we know how fast that is !  Fibre is coming to a place near you and if you hold out you will get the extra experience  you have always wanted with speeds up to 200Mbps being achievable.  Our providers are spread all over South Africa and Imaginet has managed to secure reselling agreements with almost 20 of them, giving you the best opportunity to get connected.


This is the new buzzword in internet connectivity and while it is not as fast as Fibre it is more mobile and it is airborne so you can move it from house to house without too much effort.

LTE can reach a speed of up to 50 Mbps and we have measured it closer to 60 in some areas. It is more likely to get affected by bad weather as it is not grounded in a cable but since we live in a country which has pretty good conditions year round, this is usually a very temporary glitch.

LTE is still much faster than “old school” ADSL and much more reliable. You can take your internet on holiday with you , provided there is coverage at your vacation destination. It is recommended to customers who are waiting for Fibre in their areas or when moving into a new home where cables need to be laid for any other connectivity. This is always unpredictable and the wait can be long.


This is currently the slowest kind of connectivity in the country but it also varies from place to place and some clients enjoy superb speeds and reliability for many years. It is also generally available in most places where you can get a Telkom voice line.

What we do know is that the line infrastructure is not improving as all suppliers are hoping clients will all eventually move over to the newer technology so ADSL can be frustrating if your nearest substation is poorly maintained or has many repairs due.

It doesn’t matter what you choose though as Imaginet will support you 100 percent of the way and we will make your internet experience as painless as possible. Please let us help you get connected.

Our services are mostly month to month and we can find the best solution for you wherever you are in the country.