Creating content is becoming increasingly important for your website marketing and SEO.

However, it is not enough merely to produce lots of content. The search engines , as well  as  the Internet audience have become much more discerning and more aware of poor quality and “spammy” content. So, it is imperative to produce content that is not only interesting  and visually appealing , but  which also provides real value for thecustomers and clients that  you want to attract.

This means that many of the older techniques and ways of on-line  content production are no longer acceptable. For example, in the past it was deemed to be sufficient to write content that was  directed by specific keywords that you wanted to rank for on the search engines. This was abused by many marketers and was seen as  “gaming” the search engines: as a result ” keyword stuffing” can now lead to severe penalties from Google and others SEs.  Consequently, there is now a much greater emphasis  on content that is informative, takes account of customer intent, and content that  is authoritative, verified and interesting to your market segment.

The link between  SEO,  website optimization and content creation  has now been established by many experts in the field.

Read  for example the  fantastic overview of Semantic Search by David Amerland.  It is  therefore essential that the webmaster  pay attention to the way that SEO and content creation reinforce one another.

The following are some basic but essential tips and do’s and dont’s on creating content.