SEO or search engine optimization  is a notoriously technical and complex area to understand – and with the advent of semantic search and new search engine  innovations like  structured  schema, it is becoming  more and more complex.

How is the average owner of a business website able to cope with this important aspect of web marketing?

The answer is that in  most cases he or she simply can’t. Of course you can hire professionals but often at  a steep price. However, there are a number of  very simple but essential things that you  can do that will go a long way  to optimizing your web site for search engines.

1. Make sure that your site is clean, clear and easily navigatable. If you’re site is intuitive and well structured and designed this not only helps your customers find what they want on your site but it also helps the search engines to index your site. In this regard it is preferable to use HTML and not JavaScript  on your site, as JavaScript is known to hide certain elements from the search engines.

2. Make a list of about twenty of the keywords that you think customers will use to find your site. Then  research these keywords in Google Keyword planner – look at their monthly search volumes and competition rates. You should select those keywords that have a high search volume but low or medium competition.

3. Make sure that your metadata is comprehensive  and contains the most important keywords for your site and for that particular page. The most important of these are the title and description tags. Read more about metadata on our Tech Talk blog

4. Join Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tools  so that you can view the incoming traffic and stats for your site- which will enable you to measure  activity to and from your pages.

5. Make sure that you have an a sitemap and that this  is submitted to search engines.

Tip: Use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit Ten URLs per day for promotion on BING.

6. Join at least one social  network – and that should be Google plus. Google Plus is becoming  more important for SEO every day.

7. Of course – and here’s the plug- you can make use of Imaginet’s very affordable and customizable Social Media and SEO Management Services to do all of this and more .