Waste Not, Want Not

When people think of recycling, they tend to think of paper and plastic. Now it’s time for a good old-fashioned spring clean of our broken or unused gadgets and gizmos, our bots and our batteries, our computers and keyboards.

On 01 February, join Imaginet and eWASA in taking your unwanted electronics to Pick ‘n’ Pay in Peppergrove Mall, and make a bit of space in your home and your world by recycling a small amount of the 20 – 50 million tonnes of e-waste that is generated every year.We are all hoarders in our own ways.

We keep memories from days long gone in the form of photographs and newspaper clippings, love letters and clothes that once fit. And cellphones… tons and tons and cellphones and old electronics that we hope we’ll find a use for, but never do.We look forward to helping the world get to where it needs to be, and keeping it there.

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